Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Humdip FAQ. If you have any unanswered questions or need more detail please get in touch.


Humdip's main priority is privacy. To keep your surveys and answers as private as possible we ensure they are stored and transferred in a secure way.

Survey encryption

All surveys and answers we store are encrypted by the user, meaning we are unable to read them even if we wanted to.

Each time a new survey is created, a private key and password is generated by the user. The password gives read access to the survey and is shared with anyone who needs to fill out the survey. The private key is kept by the survey owner and is the only way to read the survey answers.

  • All key generation, password entry, encryption and decryption is performed on your web browser. This means Humdip never sees or stores any keys or passwords, ensuring that we cannot read the information stored in the encrypted surveys and answers
  • We use industry standards to provide strong encryption that cannot reasonably be broken

Service security

Data is never transferred unsecurely internally or externally. All traffic to and from Humdip is encrypted using HTTPS. All internal traffic between our database and servers is also protected using TLS.

Humdip uses industry standard AES-256 encryption for all data stored in our database. This is provided by AWS, more information can be found here.

We audit and version control all of our software dependancies. When a client accesses a survey hosted by Humdip all content downloaded by the client originates directly from our servers only. This allows us to ensure the integrity of all downloaded content, protecting the client against any malicious 3rd party code.


Humdip survey creator

Humdip provides our web survey creator tool to all users, it works great on mobile or desktop and aims to get a great looking survey finished as fast as possible. The tool allows you to customize the appearance and content of your survey in a quick and easy to use interface for anyone, no technical skills required.

Custom branding

You are able to remove all Humdip references from your survey at no extra cost. The survey respondants will only see what you want, be it the Humdip brand, your brand or no brand at all.

Using your own forms

Humdip can provide a JavaScript library that allows for interoperability between your custom web forms or applications and our storage backend. This is in the process of being made public, but is currently available on request only. Please get in touch if you'd like to hear more.


What do we store

Humdip is committed to storing the minimum personal information possible for your privacy and security.

For each user account we store:

  • Email: This is required for Humdip to be able contact you
  • Account sign up time: This is used for email verification and for us to track how many users we have over time
  • Password Salt: This is used to verify your password when you log in without us needing to store the password. More info here

For each survey we store:

  • Creation time: This is required for billing purposes, so we can track the billable time period of each survey
  • Close time: This is used to stop answers being submitted after the survey is closed
  • Encrypted Survey: Humdip is unable to read this. We send this to the survey owner and respondants, they are able to decrypt and read these using the private key

For each survey set of answers we store:

  • Creation time: This is used to contact the user on recieving new results
  • Encrypted Answers: Humdip is unable to read these. Humdip sends these to the survey owner who is to decrypt and read them using their private key [Kasy - at the start you say that responsdants only get a password?]

Tracking policy

Humdip commits to tracking as little as possible, only what is required to provide essential functionality, namely filling out surveys and retrieving their answers.

Tracking cookies:

  • Humdip uses no third party tracking cookies whatsoever
  • When filling out a survey, no cookies are used at all
  • We use an authenitcation token for survey admins, this is required to authenticate each request after log in, such as accessing or deleting a survey. This token stores no personal information, is used and stored exclusively by Humdip servers and is always deleted after 1 hour

Link tracking:

All links produced by Humdip are not tracked. We use generic, non-unique links for each survey, meaning we are unable to determine individuals accessing a survey by the link they use.


Humdip uses no device fingerprinting to ensure the anonymity of each respondant from Humdip. We do store the IP address and timestamp of each request made to the Humdip servers. This information is deleted after 3 days, is never shared and is used exclusively to protect ourselves against mallicious attacks against our servers and error tracing.

Third party service providers


Humdip uses and trusts Stripe to process payments, more information about their privacy policy is available here.


Humdip uses and trusts AWS as it's hosting platform, more information about their privacy policy is available here.


Humdip conforms to GDPR guidelines for all customers worldwide. Our storage and compute hosting is managed by AWS, their compliance documentation can be found here. We are always happy to share technical detail with clients who may require more oversight of how and where thier data is stored and processed, please contact us for more information.


10000 answers limit

What happens if you go over 10,000 answers for a survey? Nothing, survey respondants will continue to be able to submit answers normally and you will not immediatly be charged any differently. Humdip will contact you over email to upgrade your plan and will not charge you any differently until you are happy and a new plan is agreed.

About us

Why Humdip exists

  • We believe there is a gap in the market for customers who require a higher standard of data privacy without having to make their own survey platform
  • Most survey tools use tiered monthly subscription fees and many also paywall features between the tiers. It's annoying and expensive. We believe usage based pricing provides fairer value and incentivises Humdip to provide a great service experience for everyone. We grow when your usage does and we are fighting for every byte of your custom
  • To pay our bills! We want to build Humdip into a sustainable bussiness. We believe that fair pricing, excellent service and a strong product is the best chance for this

Immaterium Limited

Humdip is owned by Immaterium Limited, which boils down to Charlie Cochrane.